My Life History

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I am originally from Surrey,BC.  I came to Saskatoon,Sk on March 3 1977. I have made many friends since I arrived here. I was married to Beverley Dickson on April 18 1981. We had a daughter born to us on September 29 1984. Her name is Darla-Leah Rachael. We had another daughter 4 years later. Her name was Georgina Esther. She was taken from us and put in a Foster Home and later was adopted by that family. They changed her name To Gina Beth. The Family’s last name is Dick.Beverley and I have since gotten a divorce in 1991, but remain friends. Darla has lived on her own for some time and has finally met a guy that treats her fairly good. She has 2 boys, Keigan and Ethan.

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